When your logo is ready, it will be delivered in several different formats and resolutions, so that you can use the logo for every purpose. You will get the following formats:

      • AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS & TIFF – formats for professional printing, such as business cards/letterhead
      • JPEG – format for web site graphics
      • BMP – format commonly used in local printing, such as in Word documents
      • Custom MS Word letterhead with your logo embedded

Facts You Must Know About Logos

In most cases, you should never adopt a highly complex image as your firm’s logo.The reason for this can be given in two words: printing costs.

Complex or over-the-top designs often mean astronomical printing costs. A decision to have a highly complex logo for your firm can come back to haunt you.

Also keep in mind that your logo has to look good when resized to fit on a small 2.5″ x 3″ business card (see image at right).

Your logo does not have to be boring in spite of these constraints. An elegant logo can enhance your firm’s professional image.

Choose a firm that will develop a logo that you can actually use and print affordably.

Try to keep the number of people who are involved in deciding upon your logo design as small as possible.Having multiple people giving multiple directions can significantly complicate the design process. If at all possible, try to limit the number of people directly involved decision to three. A “committee” type approval process could cause a stalemate in deciding upon a design.