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Ethiotrans will release its low cost Amharic Keyboard software tool “HEWAN” to the public

San Diego, CA.  October 22, 2005:  Ethiotrans a leading software localization and translation company on African languages will release its low cost Amharic software package that will allow people to exchange information via intent , email as well as that will enable users  to use Amharic languages in their personal computer for daily use . Because of the popularity of Amharic usage among Ethiopians world wide, Ethiotrans decided to release an affordable version of its  Amharic  keyboard software to the Amharic users. Two years ago Ethiotrans released its hardware/software based Amharic keyboard; however because of the high cost of the hardware keyboard  table,  it was hard to lower the price. However, the new software will use the existing 101 English keyboard and there is no need for extra hardware.  Ethiotrans is planning to offer its software for market  below  35%- 50% commercially available Amharic software.


The name of the Amharic software is called “HEWAN” which is “EVE” in Amharic, which is reflecting the first woman in human race. This is one of the promotions for Amharic language and invitation for all Amharic users  especially Ethiopian women to be part of the computer technology and allowing them to be part of the internet revolutions and paving a way for them to exchange information with their friends and families though out the world

The actual release date of the software will be available announced at Ethiotrans web site at

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