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When you  fill out the application please give us  as much as information  as possible to get the project that will fit with your skill and background.

A perfect way to make extra money, while helping others. Make a difference in someone’s life. We are constantly seeking for individuals with unique background, skill and talent,

Do you know there are more than 100 things you can do with your language skill? You will be surprised how much language can make a difference in people’s everyday life. From the courtroom to medical office, from a school day care center to the Olympics, from an individual’s dispute to UN conference country leader’s conference. Language is everywhere.   Join us! We are the #1 African Language Translation and Localization company and now we are expanding our services to Asian. Latin American,  Middle Eastern and  European countries. We are the leading African Languages prime vendors for various large and medium scale companies worldwide . These are few of the Fortune 500 companies where we’ve participated in their product. Such as Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Boeing, Bank of America, American Express, Casio and several others are just few examples .

Join us and see how much your language skill will make a difference in today’s digital age and will be used to pave the way for tomorrow’s world. Be the leader! Be the future!

Join us.