More than 10 years ago when we started our company the word software and African languages were very part away. There were few companies in the world they even showed an interest on African languages. The world was focusing on Asia, Middle East, Europe and  America. At that time Africa was a jungle for most people,  but for us it was the future frontier. After working as a localization software engineer for fortune 500 companies the founder of (Amde) saw something others did not see, i.e. the lack of interest on  companies to invest and support African counties. Then in 2002 Amde started Investing his time and money, with the support of his family. At that time when Amde was telling about his dream about having a cell phone or a computer fully enabled for African language people were laughing about it, but some were impressed. Amde even wrote a letter to Microsoft founder Bill Gate to see Africa as its frontier. Then in few years Microsoft released Windows XP. That was the first time a big company showed an interest to support African languages. Amde’s particular interest was to enable any computer to read and write African characters namely Amharic or Ge’ez.

. In the past there were people who worked hard to enable a computer to read Amharic, they did it successfully. What they   was overwriting the keyboard map a Latin based computer and change the glyphs to read Amahric. That was the only way people were able to read and write Amharic. Means someone have to have those glyphs installed in their computer. Still we use them. But with introduction of UNICODE in the late 1990 people were able to develop UNICODE fonts. But still it was hard to read an Amahric/Ge’ez or Tigrigna languages with out installing those fonts.

Later when Microsoft decided to add Amharic as part of its OS Ethiotrans has an opportunity to participate, then several other companies followed.  That is how we started our company, slowly but patiently. After more than 10 years of hard work now we can localize your product to any plat form. That includes, desk top, laptop, several cell phone, tablet and any media.

Why wait? Go multilingual now…

Global Business Imperatives Demand Multilingual Sites.

In our Software and Internet section we can serve your company or business in several ways.  If you are designing software that will be used in the Ethiopian Communities across the globe, we will help you by localizing your software to the Amharic language. Since most PCs do not support Amharic/Ethiopian fonts, you may be required to buy Ethiopic fonts from a third party Amharic/Ethiopic vendor.

Our Internationalization and Localization team will help you to design your software to support the Ethiopian market. We will help you by resizing the GUI to handle the Amharic characters and translating the resource files.

Web site Design: Web site translation is the least expensive way to advertise abroad. Expand your customer base, find partners and distributors, or receive international name recognition with EthioTrans’ international promotion services. If you are looking for an English/Amharic web site, we are experts in it.  Since the Amharic fonts are not available in many computers, we can design your web site as graphics driven or we can translate the entire web site and ask the visitor to download the fonts from the Internet. Most Amharic fonts can be downloaded for free.  Either way, we are ready.

If you do not have a web site at all, we will design the your web site from the ground up. For the rate and the type of packages available please contact us at (619) 255-5530