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If you could not find your name here,  may be your name  does not exist:) Relax we are just kidding. If you could not find your name here,  just send us you name in English at  and will give the Amharic version. 

Because of popular demand we no longer provide a free Amharic name translations or writings. If you would like to have your name written in Amharic fonts and to have the meaning please see the price list below. If you do not have a Paypal account please send check or international money order to the address below. Please do not forget to add the service type you want. E.g. Platinum, Diamond and so on. 

Payable to: Ethiotrans

                6461 University Ave.

                San Diego, CA 92115

                 U. S. A

Service Type Description   Price
 Platinum  If you order a Platinum Service we will give you a  translation  (if available) of name and its  definition in Amharic. This includes the name and its definition  will be written in Amharic fonts and we will give you both the editable version and the graphics version. The editable version will be in MS Word format and the graphics version can be in .PDF, .JPG , .GIF or .EPS forma.  We support only PC platforms. for Amharic font limitation please read this   

$35.00 USD per person


 Diamond  The Diamond Service will be similar with Platinum Service except,  you will not get the editable version and the name definition will not be translated.  

$25 USD per person

 Gold Gold Service will be similar with Diamond Service except you will not get multiple version of graphics version. You will get only .JPG version   

$20 USD per person 

 Sliver The Sliver Service will give only your name written only on Amharic fonts. No translation     

$ 15 USD per person

 Bronze The Bronze Service gives only the meaning of  your name written on English/Latin fonts. No Amharic font   

$10 USD  per person

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