Finally the day is coming.

Finally the days are coming.

Health Care: Equal Access

Health Care: Equal Access

For Ethiotrans it took more than a decade and finally things are coming true one thing at a time. One of the reason Ethiotrans opened its door was inspired by a personal will to see when unreserved populations are severed well.  This could be in medical, court, technology, entertainment, sport, education and other areas.  For years,  English language has been a DE-facto language for everything,  still it is. The young and the educated once  who have  access and will   to master the English  language are  able to receive or give services in English as ease,  but the elders and the uneducated once and those people do not have will, access and time to master English were/ are left alone to catch up with the rest or forced to withdraw from the race. But,  step-by-step things are changing. Thank you for the digital age, revolution or era the world is shrinking and we are  more closer than ever, now at a point and place in this planet  a human king can read or write an information in their own language, but still not satisfactory but better than before.

The battle is still going,  and it will take years to have a common ground but it looks there is a bright hope at the end of the tunnel.  For example,  if we take just an example the computer/digital revolution we will see how much is has been  evolving and becoming  more global than ever.  Just as an example  about 12 years ago when Windows  98 (R)  was king and Unix and  Lunix were at their infancy stage  and The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) was the dominant factor. Means,   the entire operating system were depended on only 128 characters. With ASCII and Extended ASCII  the digital revolution was targeting only LATIN based languages and it was called global. It was kind of joke, because how could you call a product global when the majority of the world population was left out in the  dark. But that did stop smart people to out-smart the system, they created the backdoor and able to force the system to their own advantage.

However,  the introduction of UNICODE changed the entire game upside down. With UNICODE more than 65,000 characters were represented (The Unicode Standard, the latest version of Unicode contains a repertoire of more than 110,000 characters covering 100 script). Guess what with that huge number   not only we can cover the world but we have several leftovers. That was a dream come true for Ethiotrans. Back in 2002 when we started our  dream  we knew the world is converging to this end. At that time it was risk  to create a company hoping there will be clients,  but we knew it will be the future. Now look around, the world is mobile and more connected. Computers and devices are smart enough to read and write the world.  Companies are recognizing the importance of globalization and they start catering the world in a fashionable way. Now, not only they are reaching more customers and audiences but they are ripping off more profits,  because they have a true global product. But still there are Billions (Billion with B) of people around the world are still left out,  one day we will reach them.  One day we will speak their language. When we do that we can  proudly say we have a global company.  But we have miles to go to reach at the  finishing line, it  is very far away.

Yesterday was a special day, w hen we received a call from Mr. Horsley it was kind of unusual, it was a dream call we have been waiting for long time. He said he is from a group in  California advocating for equal access for Limited English Proficiency population in California. He asked  us to set up an appointment to talk about his vision and we scheduled an appointment the same day. Ms, Horsley came and we talked. It took years to see such an activist to recognize our dream and hope. Now group of community activists and labor leaders in California are about to take the equal access language issue  to Sacramento. Now California is about to recognize the importance language in medical field. We at believe a good communication between doctors and patients can save money for the tax payers and life for the patient. As Mr. Horsey put is “ I am an American, born and raised here, I don’t speak or hear any language but only English, assume I go to Ethiopia  and I get sick and go to doctor where I don’t speak any Ethiopian language, assume the doctor does not speak English and he gives me all medical instructions and conducts all medical interviews in Ethiopian, what do you think I will feel?” He asked . Yes, that is exactly what we see every day. People cannot tell their symptoms and issues to the doctors and doctors cannot explain   procedures and diagnostics results to their patients, at the end it may lead to  misdiagnosis even wrong full death   . This can be resolved simply by  medical interpreter. That is what   Health Care AKA Obama Care will have as part of the package. But it will be up to the state to enforce it and put it in laws. Some politicians are not happy with this , but it will be up to us to make it happen.

If you are the one who  believe in Equal Access please contact us and we will give you a specific information how to become part of  this movement . For more information please send your info to