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Fact  about Amharic

Ethiotrans is one of the leading Amharic and other Ethiopian and African languages translation and localization company. If you are looking for highly qualified and experienced document translators or skilled software localization engineer call us at 619 255 5530.

Also we offer the following unique services:

Interpretation: Is you firm or organization is looking for a skilled Amharic interpreter? Well, you are at the right place. We have Amharic interpreters for medical,  deposition, court or any on-site or on the phone assignments. Do not let luck of communication between you and your client hinder your projects.

Transcription: If you have an audio or video transcription project let us know. We have everything you need. We can transcribe your media project and will translate the document to the language of your choice. If you are using the transcribed and the translation project for subtitling purpose,  we will also create a timeline (timestamp) that will insure the target and source language will much.

Multilingual Desk Top Published: One of the top secrete for Amharic Desk Top Publishing is having a right translation and a right set of fonts. Since most Amharic word-processing software and fonts do not have a standard and they are not compatible each other, getting a right font is crucial. Most Amharic fonts are working fine  in Microsoft Word, but they will change their behaviors when they are imported to some professional graphics software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or  Quark Express. If you have an Amharic document which is translated by another translator (in MS Word) and you want to give this document for your in-house DTP expert, there will have a high chance of  creating errors. This is because some Amharic fonts will break when they are imported to another graphics software. If you deliver the final DTP with out a native Amharic speaker proofreading, your are taking a high chance. Our advice is don't take chance, let us take your project and we will make sure you have an understandable document.

UNICODE WEB SITE DESIGN: If you are planning to localize a web site we think we have the tool. Our Amharic Unicode website localization team is ready to help. We have one of the first Amharic Localization team. We use Unicode Amharic fonts and Unicode Amharic  converter. If you have an none-Unicode Amharic translated document we can convert this document to UNICODE. By converting you web site to UNICODE Amharic you will eliminate the time to convert the document to PDF or graphics format.  Also the downside having a graphics document in your site is, it takes too much time to download.

Amharic is the national language of Ethiopia, which has a population of approximately 58 million people.  Ethiopia is located in Eastern Africa, slightly less than twice the size of Texas.

Roughly 30% of the population speak Amharic as a first language, and an additional 20% use Amharic as a second language. About 29 million people therefore use Amharic daily Counting in Amharic numeric is easy and simple, if you learn how to count from one two ten it will be easy to count the entire numeric system. See below.

The new service. Write your name in Amharic. Please see this example 

new  June 2, 2003. Because of popular demand we no longer provide a free Amharic name translations or writings. If you would like to have your name written in Amharic fonts and to have the meaning please see the price list below. 

If you do not have a Paypal account please send check or international money order to the address below. Please do not forget to add the service type you want. E.g. Platinum, Diamond and so on. 

Payable to: Ethiotrans

                6461 University Ave.

                San Diego, CA 92115

                 U. S. A


Service Type Description   Price
 Platinum  If you order a Platinum Service we will give you a  translation  (if available) of name and its  definition in Amharic. This includes the name and its definition  will be written in Amharic fonts and we will give you both the editable version and the graphics version. 

The editable version will be in MS Word format and the graphics version can be in .PDF, .JPG , .GIF or .EPS forma.  We support only PC platforms. for Amharic font limitation please read this 


$35.00 USD per person


 Diamond  The Diamond Service will be similar with Platinum Service except,  you will not get the editable version and the name definition will not be translated.  
$25 USD per person
 Gold Gold Service will be similar with Diamond Service except you will not get multiple version of graphics version. You will get only .JPG version   

$20 USD per person 

 Sliver The Sliver Service will give only your name written only on Amharic fonts. No translation     
$ 15 USD per person
 Bronze The Bronze Service gives only the meaning of  your name written on English/Latin fonts. No Amharic font   

$10 USD  per person

Tell us about the meaning of your name

Do you need your name to be written in Amharic fonts? Please send us an email at info@ethiotrans.com  

Ethiopian Names (mostly Amharic names)

more names

1-1000 in Amharic Twenty to Hundred 
Most frequent asked Amharic phrases and words