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Business Cards
Attention: Due to the hardware manufacturer's product change we no longer sale the Ethiopic keyboard until we update our software.  We are forced to discontinue the Ethiopic Keyboard for limited time. However we have more cost effective solution for this problem. We released software only tool that will allow you to write and read Amharic, Tigrinya, Ge’ez and other Amharic/Ge’ez based languages.   Our software is an  Amharic software, it is only 1/3 or the price of Amharic Keyboard. For more information please click here
  What is zero in Amharic numeric system? What it looks like?


Immediate Press Release


July 10, 2004: San Diego, California, USA: Ethiotrans, a San Diego, CA based Localization and Translation Company  announced that today it will support 100 world languages for its clients word wide. In 1999 Yebbo Communication Networks was offering free translation service for its  web site visitors  and suddenly the demand was raising dramatically. Soon the Ethiotrans founder combined his localization software engineering skill and his native language experience together, and he started    He said "The African languages are left behind to participate in the 21st century" and in Feb 2002 he started to offer his own native language "Amharic" and added Oromo, Somali and Tigrinya and lunched He said "I want to start from what have inside information. That is my own language" then he expanded his language support to the East African languages (Dinka. Nuer, Swahili, and Ibo) after that every day the request was flowing from all over the word and the language list was star growing fast. More Click here


  • The normal Keyboard  has limited number of keys (101 keys)

  • There is no standard between Amharic/Ethiopic  software keyboard layouts.

  • There is no comparability between software

  • It will be the future since it is based on UNICODE.

  • Have multiple service (keyboard and Graphics Tablet)

  • The keyboard will come in two versions


The Ethiopic Language Tablet system consists of:

  • Graphics tablet

  • Software

  • Language template

  • Documentation.


Two versions

  • •The Mini (Green ): T-6000U 4.5" x 6"

  • •The Deluxe (Gray) Aiptek U8000  8" x 6",

Both tables have:

Transparent lift-up cover to secure the template.

The tablet connects to the computer via USB.

Use a AAA, battery-powered pen. 


You receive the Aim8 Text Entry software and a Unicode font.

Also you will receive APTEC drivers, includes

Corel Art Dabbler 2.1

Some times Ulead Photo Express 3.0


 The template contains all the characters of the Ethiopic alphabet, as well as the usual compliment of Latin alphabet, numbers and symbols of a standard keyboard


There will be two documentation  one for the hardware  directly  from APITEC  and the other one will be a software  documentation which be translated several Ethiopian languages in the future. 

Features & Benefits

  • Less learning curve

  • Hard ware and software combination

  • Works side by side with existing Keyboard.

  • UNICODE complaint

  • No key combination

  • Able to switch between languages by pressing “Shift” key

  • Supports the Latin and most Ethiopian languages


  • This is a perfect product those of us want to use our language in today’s technology.

  • This application will eliminate the confusion on the Amharic software makers.

  • Any one with a basic Amharic alphabetical order “ Fedel Gebeta” can use this product


  • We are trying to bring the price affordable as we can, but the hardware price drives the market.

  • The mini tablet  by itself costs about  $75-85.  We will sale the keyboard  for only $150.00

  • The deluxe tablet will be for $300.00.


 Now it is on sale.

You can order it on-line at or

You can call us at 619 255 5530

Or 619 254 2932 (Cell) and

Or via e_mail at


We are trying to bring the price affordable as we can, but the hardware price drives the market.

The mini tablet  by itself costs about  $75-85.  We will sale the keyboard for only $150.00

The deluxe tablet will be for $199.00.

We Translated

  • Ethiopian Power of Attorney in Amharic & English.

ውክልና መስጫ ደብዳቤ በአማርኛ ወይም በእንግሊዘኛ እንተረጉማለን

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driving license

call us at

619 255 5530

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