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Ethiotrans made the first Amharic live demonstration in San Diego CA on Feb 16, 2003 for the invited audiences. The demo was run from 1:00AM till 6:00 PM at the Microcomputer Plus show room. During the live demo the audience had a chance to test the Amharic/Ethiopic keyboard and there was a chance for audiences to ask questions about some of the questions they had for log time. 

According to Ethiotrans  founder Amdework Mitiku, the show was the first milestone that laid a great foundation the future of Ethiopian/African languages. When conditions permits similar show will run in major US and Europe as well as African cities. 

If you missed the live show and wants to get some see the Power Point presentation please click here4



 San Diego, CA - 2.7.2003   

Ethiopic keyboard

    The fist Amharic/Ethiopic keyboard/tablet that will allow the user to type Amharic and most of the other Ethiopian/African languages on the computer is now on the market.  The keyboard is based on the traditional Amharic alphabetical table, "Fedel Gebeta", which means that all the characters from "Ha" to "Pe" are arranged exactly the way they appear in "Fedel Gebeta".  However, since the keyboard supports many of the Ethiopian languages, such as Tigrigna, Oromo, Gurage, Sidamo, and so on, the tablet also contains additional characters which do not exist in the traditional "Fedel Gebeta".  In addition to allowing users to type most Ethiopian languages it also make it possible for them to type other African languages, such as Somali, Swahili and several Latin-based languages.  Indeed, there is a great possibility that the keyboard will be used not only in Ethiopia but also in other African countries because Ethiotrans is working hard to support most of the African languages in its next release.


    One of the outstanding features of the Amharic/Ethiopic keyboard is that it is based on "UNICODE" (, a feature which will help eliminate the inconsistency found in most Amharic software applications. This will allow any document written with the help of this keyboard to appear exactly as the original document appeared on the computer screen, if that  computer and the software application support UNICODE.


    The Ethiopic Keyboard/Tablet was developed through a collaboration between the San Diego based, a Yebbo Communications Company, and Big Format Computing, a leading language tablet developer, based in San Francisco.  Amdework (Amde) Mitiku, the founder and owner of Ethiotrans, stated that the first live demonstration of this product will take place in San Diego, CA on Feb 16, 2003.  There are also tentative plans to organize similar promotions of the product in other major US cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, as well as in some European cities 


    Mr. Mitiku added that the product will elevate the Ethiopian languages to the next level, i.e. to the 21st century.  It will also help preserve Ethiopia's heritage, language, and history by allowing the new generation to learn and practice its languages, history, and culture and integrate them into their daily lives.  This is a dual learning tool for anyone who wants to learn the Ethiopian languages, and, at the same time use the keyboard to type and save assignments into the computer.  The keyboard will be the ultimate tool for those who want to use local languages in today's technology.


    The system consists of one graphics tablet attached to a computer, one pressure-sensitive pen, one Amharic template, and one text-entry software. It makes text entry in Amharic simple; in order to enter them into the document, all that users have to do is open a target document, launch the language tablet software and then select the characters on the tablet template with the pen.  Overall, the Ethiopic Keyboard/Tablet is a superior product because it is EASY TO USE:


*        NO stick-on labels over the tops of existing keyboards.

*        NO manual for re-mapping all the keys on the keyboard.

*        NO hard-to-read drop-down text insertion boxes.

          NOTHING to memorize-just type what you see.


    Also the Ethiopic Tablet works with all Amharic Unicode fonts.  It has an active working area of 8" x 6" and a transparent lift-up cover to secure the template. The tablet connects to the computer via USB, and uses an AAA, battery-powered pen. When not in use as a language tablet, the devise may be used as a regular graphics tablet. Customers receive the Text Entry Software for the Amharic System requirements: Windows 2000, NT or XP with appropriate Language Support options installed.


About Ethiotrans:


    Ethiotrans was founded by Amdework (Amde) Mitiku. It is a service arm of Yebbo Communication Network (, which has been providing its services since 1999.  It is a localization and translation company serving the world community. Today Ethiotrans supports the following languages: Amharic, Oromo, Tigrigna, Somali, Swahili, Ibo, Hausa, Arabic, Dinka, Sidamo, Welayta, Gurage, Deresa and Kembata. Among Ethiotrans' clients are: Casio, Inc. of Japan, Red Cross International, Bridgestone Tires, Care View Medial Groups, ZUXXEZ Entertainment and several others. Ethiotrans hires professional translators and interpreters, developers, salespersons and other resourceful individuals as subcontractors.

    Ethiotrans has been featured in several news media, such as the Voice of America (VOA), the San Diego Union Tribune, Pan African Association, and several on-line publications.

     For more information, please contact us at:

6461 University Avenue

San Diego, CA 92115

619 255 5530

619 254 2932 (cell) 

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