At EthioTrans we offer proofreading services on translated projects, but here are some limitations and our rules.1. If the proofreading is an Amharic or Tigrigna document, we require a hard copy or PDF file. This is because Amharic fonts can show up differently from machine to machine and from software to software. We need to have a hard copy or PDF file to verify how the original document looks in the development machine. We will proofread the document and write comments on the hard copy and then deliver the final work either by fax or provide a scanned hard copy via e-mail.

2.If the customer wants us to retype the entire document,

a. There will be an additional charge for retyping

b. If we do not have the writer software, the customer should provide us with the software. If this software is new to us, we will request additional time to learn the keyboard layout and typing method.

c. If the customer does not have any idea about the type of font used in the original document, we will use our own software but we cannot guarantee to create an exact replica.

d. There will be a separate charge for typesetting.

e. Depending on the font vendor, there will be a charge for embedding the fonts into the document. (Please find out the rules and regulations from that software vendor).