Attention: Is your organization or business wants to teach the African community in your area about Brest Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Diabetics, Child Immunization, Substance Abuse, Women’s Health, Nutrition, Child Care, Personal Hygiene, Smoking, Dental Care, STD and  HIV/ADIS? If your answer yes we have a great discount for you. Please call us. You will get up to 25% of from the regular price.


Health Education for African Community in their own language 

San Diego, CA. (August 20, 2003)  EthioTrans, a San Diego based translation and localization company announced today it will expand its African language translation services to support the African Health Education Program. 

In order to deliver an accurate and exact message to the targeted audience, you need to have a well-organized communication system. Language plays a vital role in communication systems.

At EthioTrans we understand the importance of language in the message delivery process. Communication will be smooth and effective if the information is given in the audience’s own language.

When it comes to the Health Education Program, we are dealing with a situation of saving lives and curing disease. It is a tiny red line between preventing and eradicating the disease. We believe everyone has the right to be educated and to be informed. We believe Africans are often left behind.  Frequently they are under informed about deadly diseases and other related illnesses. For example, millions of Africans are dying every year of AIDS/HIV because of a lack of health education. We can take few examples of how simple education can change millions of lives worldwide. Look at these issues being tackled globally: AIDS/HIV, malaria, TB, cancer, diabetics, child growth, nutrition, women’s health and several others.

We know that it is never too late to save lives. Based on this principle, we have developed a system called African Health Education. In this service we will provide health education materials in Popular African Languages. 

The followings will be the primary topics translated into multilingual Health Education materials.

  2. Breast Cancer
  3. Colon Cancer
  4. Diabetes
  5. Nutrition
  6. Women’s Health
  7. Sex Education
  8. Child Growth
  9. Smoking/Drug abuse 
  10. Natural/ Holistic  Medicine
  11. STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) 
  12. Circumcision 
  13. Personal Hygiene
  14. Immunization
  15. Family Matters  
  16. Breast Feeding
  17. Tuberculoses 
  18. Mental Health
  19. Safety Tips
  20. Dental Care

If your company or organization would like health education materials translated to any African language, please let us know or contact us at


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