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Only $1250.00

Including tax and all fees

From LA, SD, SF, SJ Oakland, Seattle, San Jose, Phoenix, Kansas City, Denver, St Louise, Nashville,  and most Midwest and west coast cities to Addis Ababa.

You must fly between Oct 1st to Nov 30th, 2006

Call 619 255 5530

 We translate your document from any Ethiopian language to English and we certify our translation. Good for INS and other official use

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Amharic Software on sale only 39.99+ S&H

Amharic Interpreters wanted

ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ለመሄድ ትኬትዎን ከኢንተርኔት ላይ ይቁረጡ

በዚህ ፕሮግራም ላይ ተሳታፊ ከሚሆኑት አየር መንገዶች ውስጥ አንዱ አንጋፋው የኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ (Ethiopian Airlines) በተቀዳሚነት እንዲታይ እና መንገዶኞቻችን በይበልጥ የሀገራችንን አየር መንገድ እንዲጠቀሙ በማሰብ ቅድሚያ የተሰጠው ሲሆን፣  ሌሎችም እንደ ብሪትሽ አየር መንገድ (British Airways) ሉፍታንዛ (Lufthansa) እና  ቨርጂን (Virgin Airlines) እና ኬኤልኤም(KLM) የመሳሰሉት አየር መንገዶችንም ያቀፈ ነው፡፡  more

ለመሆኑ የቦ ምንድን ነው?What is Yebbo?
Addis Printing
Business Cards

Celebrate the African Millennium with style in Africa



    Remember part  our mission is to improve the lives of Africans around the globe. Because of that there are certain projects we will not do, if we feel that the project  could cause direct of indirect harm in the lives of Africans around the world.

These are some of examples we will refuse to do:

1. Private letters without the knowledge of the owner (sender or receiver) of that letter.

2. Private phone conversation without the knowledge of the owner (sender or receiver) of that conversation.

3. Private email without the knowledge of the owner (sender or receiver)  of that email..

4. Copyright materials without the knowledge of the original owner that material.

5. Offensive materials that will have a direct or indirect insult in the nation of Africa or African people.

6. Any material that  have undermine, insult, or disgrace  the nation of Africa or the African people.

7. Any martial that will put the African people's life in jeopardy.

8. Materials that will be used to do illegal activities.

9. Recoded private conversations with out the knowledge of the owner of that conversation.

10. Any material which undermines or geared to be controversial as racist document, or promoting racism  will not be honored in our company

Once again thank you for understanding our mission, and we hope you will respect our mission too.

We have a right to refuse any business


Thanks you,


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If you have any questions or comments about this web site, please send e-mail to info@ethiotrans.com.
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